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Modern digital video Security can put you in control of your business, home or institution by keeping an eye on things 24/7. Whether it is employee theft, shoplifting, vandalism or capital crimes that are committed against you, your family, your employees or patrons, having a video record will greatly improve the opportunity to get a handle on these types of violations. The technology that is available today can help you not only “catch” violators, but also manage employees and give you the peace of mind knowing you can check in any time, whether from a home computer or a Smartphone.

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  • “We have enjoyed a long relationship with Summit Video Security. They have provided expert advice, professional system installation and support for our existing network. Summit Video Security has exceeded our expectations by providing an exceptional level of customer service.”
    -Steve Nordby
    Security Manager Copper Mountain Resort
  • “Our decision to invest in Summit Video Security has had a definitive positive economic impact by considerably curbing employee theft and shoplifting. It’s also like having extra people on the floor. The value and customer service we received from Summit Video Security has been outstanding.”
    -Mark Wimberly
    Owner of Pioneer Sports
  • “Summit Video Security gives me the peace of mind knowing that all activities in our store are being monitored and recorded just in case something happens. Just the presence of cameras and monitors in our store deters the average shoplifter and lets them know that they are on camera. Markus offers excellent service and installation and his support for ongoing maintenance and upgrades has been incredible.”
    -Jeff Boyd
    Owner of Peak-A-Boo Toys, LLC
  • “I am very happy with your service. You have always responded quickly to service requests and complete your work quickly and accurately so our system can be operating at it’s full potential with minimal down time. I also feel that your amount charged for service is reasonable.”
    -Tom Stielow

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